Do You Need ID For Domestic Flights in Australia?

Ever wondered what ID you will need when travelling on Domestic Flights in Australia. Here’s our guide:

Do You Need ID For Domestic Flights in Australia?

It’s a good idea to always carry a photo ID when travelling on domestic flights in Australia. You could be asked for it, and if you don’t have it, you won’t be allowed to check in.

It’s possible to check in on Qantas and Virgin flights without using an ID. If you check-in for a domestic flight using the app, online or at a self check-in kiosks you won’t be asked for an ID. If you check it at the counter you may be asked for an ID.

What ID do you need for Domestic Flights

While you can check-in for most domestic flights without needing to show an ID it’s a good idea to always carry photo ID. Accepted ID include:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • University of TAFE Student ID

Airlines in Australia have slightly different policies on what you need to travel with. For example Qantas requires you to have a valid photo ID or an e-ticket itinerary or your qantas frequent flyer card. If you’ve misplaced your ID and you’re about to travel, it’s a good idea to check with the airline you’re flying with for their individual rules.

Children travelling with an Adult generally won’t need any ID when checking in for domestic flights.

Do You Need a Passport For Domestic Flights in Australia

You don’t need a passport for travelling on a domestic flight in Australia. If you’re an international tourist you can use your Passport as ID and obviously you should be carrying it with you anyway.

In Summary

If you check in using an airlines App or the self serve kiosks you probably won’t need your ID at the airport. However it’s always a good idea to keep a Photo ID on you if you’re travelling.

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