P&O Drinks Menu: 2023 Prices

Wondering how much drinks are onboard P&O Cruises from Australia? Here is the latest P&O drinks prices for 2023. This should give you a clearer idea of how expensive your cruise will be and whether or not you should get the drinks package.

P&O Drinks Price List

P&O Drinks Prices for 2023

P&O has the same drinks menu across its fleet. So whether you’re on the Pacific Explorer, Pacific Adventure or Pacific Encounter the pricing should be the same. I took a trip the Pacific Explorer recently, but drinks prices may change in the future. Let me know in the comments if anything has changed.

P.S – This guide is for P&O Cruises in Australia which is different the British P&O.

P&O Cocktail & Spirits Prices

P&O has a set cocktail menu that is available across the ship. Restaurants and The Bonded Store have their own specialty cocktails as well.

Cocktails on P&O cost between $15-19. There are some more expensive cocktails available at The Bonded Store which has Archie Rose Gin Cocktails.

Here are some of the Cocktails currently available on P&O cruises:

Classic MargaritaTequila and triple sec shaken with sweet & sour
and strained
Chocolate Espresso MartiniVodka, kahlua and espresso shaken with chocolate syrup$15
Long Island Ice TeaVodka, gin, tequila, triple sec and rum
with sweet & sour and a splash of cola
BelliniPeach schnaps, sparkling wine and orange juice$15
Old FashionedMakers mark, bitters and sugar syrup$17

I found that none of these cocktails were particularly strong. The best cocktails I had were the specialty cocktails available at the restaurants like Dragon Lady.

Spirits cost on average $9-12. A Bacardi and Coke will set you back $11.

P&O Beer and Wine Prices

Wine is available by the glass and by the bottle. The average price for a glass of wine was $13-$15 and depends on the variety. A bottle will cost $35+. You can buy more expensive bottles of wine if you’re having a celebration and wanted something a little fancy.

Beer and cider costs around $9-12.

P&O Soft Drink Prices

Soft Drinks are all $3.5 onboard P&O cruises. Juices are available for $4. There are also mocktails available and they are priced at $5.25.

P&O Coffee Prices

While there are automatic coffee machines on board, you can also order a barista made coffee which we found were nicer. These cost $4.


  1. Hi Anthony, thanks for the very informative post, could you please confirm the prices noted are in Australian dollars? I’ve heard some cruises charge in USD

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