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Cruise Travel Insurance in Australia

Cruise Travel Insurance in Australia

Did you know that many travel insurance policies by default don’t cover cruises! It’s a good idea to get travel insurance for your cruise even if it’s a domestic cruise. I’ve put together a list of travel insurance providers which…

P&O Drinks Menu: 2023 Prices

P&O Drinks Menu for 2023

Wondering how much drinks are onboard P&O Cruises from Australia? Here is the latest P&O drinks prices for 2023. This should give you a clearer idea of how expensive your cruise will be and whether or not you should get…

International Flights from Canberra: 2023 Guide

Canberra International Airport

Did you know Canberra has an international airport? Currently it’s only serviced by one airline with a single route. But as Canberra continues to grow, I’m sure we’ll see an increase in flight numbers. Current International Flights to Canberra Currently…