Do You Need Travel Insurance for a Cruise in Domestic Waters?

Have you got a cruise coming up in Australia? Wondering whether you need travel insurance for a cruise in domestic waters? Here’s why it’s probably a good idea:

Do you need travel insurance for a domestic cruise?

If your cruise isn’t going overseas you might not think it’s necessary to buy travel insurance. But there are a few reasons why it’s actually a really good idea to get travel insurance:

Medicare Doctors

In Australia you are covered by medicare if you go to the hospital or see a doctor. However if you need to see a doctor onboard the cruise, there is no guarantee they will be a Medicare provider. You can check with the cruise line to see if they have a Medicare doctor on board. If they don’t you could end up having to pay hefty fees and you won’t be covered by Medicare.

Medical Evacuation

If you need a medical evacuation from the ship you could end up having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Travel Insurance will cover this in the unlikely event it happens to you.

Lost and Damaged Luggage

While the chances of losing luggage is probably less than taking an international flight, it still happens on a cruise. And if you’re flying into your departure port there is a risk of setting sail without luggage. Travel insurance can cover lost luggage and reimburse you in the event you need to replace items you can also get covered for damage (i.e dropping your phone). Not every travel insurance policy covers lost and damaged luggage so it’s best to check with your provider and also read the fine print to see up to what value you’re covered.


Travel Insurance can reimburse your travel costs in the event you need to cancel your cruise. Things like illness, family tragedies and even sick pets can prevent you from travelling. Many cruise lines have non-refundable tickets. Travel insurance can cover you if you’re unable to make the cruise.

The cancellation policy in your insurance will most likely not be unlimited and you may require a doctors certificate or other documentation to prove you were unable to take the trip.

While you probably don’t need medical coverage for a trip on a ferry like Spirit of Tasmania, but you might benefit from the cancellation coverage. A cruise will be much more expensive and cancellation protection is often a good deal.

Cruise Line Requirements

Some cruise lines will require travel insurance. While this isn’t common for domestic cruises, it’s definitely common for international trips. There are also certain countries like New Caledonia that require travellers to have travel insurance.

Cruise Travel Insurance Tips

Check Your Policy

Not all travel insurance covers cruises. So make sure you check what’s covered before buying travel insurance. For example if you were to but a flight centre travel insurance policy, you need to tick a box saying you’re going on a cruise. Depending on the provider it could be more expensive, where as others include cruise coverage at no extra cost.

See if Covid is Covered

Cruises are more likely to be effected by Covid, than other forms of holiday. Make sure you check if your travel insurance has Covid coverage.

Shop Around

While you can often get travel insurance when booking a cruise, it’s not always the best deal. Travel Agents make a commission when they sell a policy and this often means you pay a little more. You can often get a cheaper price by buying the insurance direct from the provider.

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