My July Luggage Review: Is it Worth it?

I made the plunge and bought myself two new bags from July. Is July Luggage really worth the price? Here’s my review after I took the bags on their first trip.

What I Like about July Luggage

Solid Construction

July’s range of hard shell cases are made from Polycarbonate. Cheaper hard cases are made from ABS plastic which is light, but it also tends to crack. Polycarbonate is more expensive but is less likely to crack.

The wheels on the July luggage also feel very strong. And when rolling through the airport you really do notice the difference over the cheaper, nosier wheels on throwaway bags.

I’ve only used my July checked bag for one trip so far, so I can’t really speak to longevity. But all the components from the zips to the shell feel really solid and I expect this bag to last much longer than any previous luggage I’ve bought.

Really Good Handle

I’m a big fan of the handles on the July Carry on Checked range. They can be adjusted at far more increments than most handles (which usually only have 3-5 positions). And the handles have no trouble going up and down. This is something I’ve had issues with on cheaper bags, which can get jam at the most inopportune times at the airport.

Thoughtful Design Features

The entire luggage range comes with well thought out extras. In the checked bag there is a compression system that holds your clothes in place. And there’s also a built in laundry bag. But the feature I’ve been enjoying most is that fact that the July Weekender bag is designed to attach to the top of my checked bag. It makes it really easy to breeze through the airport with multiple pieces of luggage.

They Stand Out

Finally, July bags stand out! If you check your luggage in, you won’t have any problems seeing what case is yours. They come in a wide range of different colours and July can add personalisation to the bag as well.

Is July Worth it?

Yes! The bags are more expensive than many of the cheaper bags you’ll find in stores. But they do genuinely feel well made and I expect they’ll last a long time. I was nervous about spending so much on a new set of luggage, but I’m glad I went ahead and bought a set. This is an investment that I feel will serve me well on many future trips!

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