50+ Travel Captions for Your Next Instagram Post: 2023 Edition

Are you posting your travel pics on Instagram or Facebook and looking for some good travel captions? I’ve put together a list of travel instagram captions that work well for a variety of travel types. Hope these help:

Travel Captions for Instagram

Travel Captions

  • Keep calm and travel on
  • Travel far enough to meet yourself, but not so far that you miss Happy Hour.
  • Life goal: Create enough memories to have a really awesome password hint.
  • SOS: Send more vacation days.
  • Taking the road less traveled… because I missed the exit
  • All I need is a 3 month vacation 4 times a year.

Cruise Travel Captions

  • Sailing through life, one port at a time.
  • Buffet belly, but make it cruise chic.
  • Ahoy, mates! Living the suite life at sea.
  • Deck views are the best views.
  • Anchors aweigh, and I’m A-OK.
  • Cruisin’ and boozin’ — responsibly, of course.
  • Sea days are the best days.
  • Cruising: because why see one city when you can see ten?
  • Navigating the high seas and the buffet spread.

Australian Themed Travel Captions

  • Gone walkabout, back never.
  • Cheeky little getaway, isn’t it?
  • Barefoot and sun-kissed Down Under.
  • No worries, just wanderlust.
  • This is my kind of sunburnt country.
  • From the Opera House to your house, sending love from Sydney.
  • The ‘G and me, just two Melbourne icons.
  • Brisbane: where even the river seems laid-back.
  • Perth-ect views and even better company.
  • Darwin: where the weather’s hot but the beers are cold.
  • From Bondi to the bush, Australia has my heart.

Island & Beach Travel Captions

  • Girls just want to have sun.
  • Island vibes only.
  • Sun, sea, and a spot of snorkelling.
  • Chasing the island glow.
  • No one likes a shady beach.
  • Don’t worry beach happy.
  • Sand as white as my sunblock.
  • Palm trees and an iced tea, please.
  • Seas the day.
  • Cocktails taste better in the tropics.
  • Paradise found, and I’m not leaving.

Bali Themed Travel Captions

  • Living my Best Bintang life.
  • Just another Bali sunset.
  • From the ‘Gong to Ubud, finding peace.
  • In Bali, every hour is happy hour.
  • Rice fields, big feels.
  • Island of the Gods, and good vibes.
  • Bali daze are the best days.
  • Two tickets to paradise: one for me, one for my surfboard.
  • Infinity pools and beyond.

European Themed Travel Captions

  • Bonjour from the city of love.
  • London calling, and I’m answering.
  • Living la dolce vita in Italy.
  • Sipping sangria in Spain — does it get any better?
  • Gluten tag from Germany! Where’s the biergarten?
  • Czeching out Prague.
  • Living my Euro dream, one croissant at a time.
  • Went to Paris, but Eiffel for the food

Wilderness Themed Travel Captions

  • Nature’s calling, and I must go.
  • Trading WiFi for wild vibes.
  • Camping: where you spend a fortune to live like a backpacker.
  • Trees and breeze, please.
  • Mountain high, worries low.
  • Hiking boots on, world off.
  • Where the wild things are (and I fit right in).
  • From forest floors to mountaintops.
  • Wilderness: cheaper than therapy and you don’t need an appointment.

Any more ideas? Let me know some in the comments!

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